Municipal Applications - Monthly Job, April 2003


This 221 mgd bypass completed in February consisted of 45 Godwin 12-inch DPC300 Dri-Prime diesel pumps to divert flows of two interceptors feeding a wastewater treatment plant in Phoenix, Arizona. The bypass was part of an ongoing pipeline rehabilitation program to upgrade portions of a 25-mile interceptor sewer. As much as 50,000 ft. of 18-inch HDPE pipe has been fused on site for the rehabilitation. The rehab program has required large-scale bypasses -- eight to date and all completed by Godwin -- to reline pipes up to 90 inches in diameter. This particular bypass at 221 mgd is the largest on record. It is nearly double the size of the bypass required earlier in this rehab program -- 112 mgd -- which was awarded the Trenchless Technology Project of the Year in 2002.

Municipal Application Examples