Modular Barge Systems

Our Modular Barge unit is a superior floating platform to enable transport and work year round on muskeg and water. Our units join together like building blocks. They are easily transportable and the user is able to create a road or a large work platform on site with minimal effort and low cost. Modular Barge units are lightweight and designed to lock together to make platforms of various sizes according to the application required. We have had our units independently evaluated and approved by a marine engineering firm. Each unit is approved to hold up to 7.8 tons (15,600 pounds or 7,090 kilograms).


Units connect easily to make rigid and structurally sound floating roads and barges.


Each modular barge is 14 x 12 x 2.29 feet.


Performance Table

Number of Pontoons Sustainable Weight (lbs) Draught in Sea Water (Inches)
1 15,600 24
2 31,200 24
3 46,800 24
4 62,400 24
5 78,000 24
6 93,600 24
7 109,200 24
8 124,800 24
9 140,400 24
10 156,000 24

Performance data listed in table is based on density of sea water which is 35 cu.ft per ton. Calculations are approximate and depend on the dimensions and configuration of the load.