Municipal Applications - Monthly Job, April 2004


A Virginia water authority's permanently installed submersible pump required regular repair, because the unit was unable to handle river bottom muck which developed during and after storms. Working with the customer to develop a solution for the recurring maintenance problems, a sales engineer at Godwin's Richmond rental office recommended the Sub-Prime GSP800HV electric submersible pump to solve the problem. Constructed with polyurethane-coated wear parts, the Godwin Sub-Prime pump is able to handle the dirty river water without damage. The authority purchased the Godwin Sub-Prime GSP800HV electric submersible pump and permanently installed the unit in a sump located on the banks of the Rapidan River. The pump operates by an automatic controller and discharges 773 gpm at 175 feet of TDH to push fresh water through a 1-mile long underground pipeline. The pipeline empties into a large holding basin at a water treatment facility where the water is processed for consumption.

Municipal Application Examples