Industrial Applications - Monthly Job, November 2003

Job Description:

A tight schedule, limited access, high pumping heads and harsh materials led to the decision to employ Godwin HL8M Dri-Prime pumps in parallel at Equistar Chemical for vessel cleaning during a turnaround at the company's Bayport, TX facility. The automatic self-priming pumps achieved a total flow rate of 5,000 gallons per minute at 180 feet of head from two pumps in a three-day, two part clean water/chemical flushing application to clear clogging trays in the vessel. Cargo hose for pump suction and discharge was used due to the high temperatures required - up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit - during the chemical flushing process. In addition, Godwin Dri-Prime pumps were specified for this job because its oil bath high-pressure mechanical seal design enables the pump to handle temperatures up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit if necessary during chemical flushing.

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