Industrial Applications - Monthly Job, May/June 2004

Job Description:

A Paulsboro, New Jersey, refinery is refurbishing its existing fire pump house and piping system and needed a temporary system put in place during the construction project. Two Godwin HL160M Dri-Prime high head pumps are providing the temporary system designed to draw fresh water from the nearby Delaware River on a 20-foot static suction lift at a rate of 2,500 gpm and pump into the refinery's closed fire system at 180 psi.

The HL160M specifically was created to meet customer needs for higher flows and pressure. With the HL160M, now there is no need to marry a booster pump with a Dri-Prime in the temporary system. The HL160M temporary system at this refinery matches the customer's duty point while operating with reserve capacity.

From where the pumps are set, 70 feet of 8-inch suction hose extends to the river, and 20 feet of suction hose is cast down into the water. The pumps discharge into 6-inch high pressure flanged composite hose and are connected directly to the fire system's manifold. The pumping system is equipped with a pressure relief valve set at 180 psi and which prevents the pumps from deadheading. The pressure relief valve and piping system empty excess water back into the river when pressure in the closed system exceeds 180 psi. The job was installed in October of 2003 and is still on rent today.

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