Industrial Applications - Monthly Job, March/April 2005

Job Description:

Four Godwin "HL Series" high head Dri-Prime pumps were employed at a Texas facility to hydro test gas metering skids in a flooded suction application for shipment to Algeria. Two Godwin high head Dri-Prime pumps were used for the first gas metering skid unit to achieve 6,000 gpm at 96' of head. A single high head Dri-Prime pump was used for the second skid unit to achieve 3,850 gpm at 115' of head. At a third skid unit, the final high head Dri-Prime pump was used to achieve 500 gpm at 72' of head.

In addition, Godwin's Corpus Christi and San Antonio personnel provided the customer with a cost effective solution to connect the gas metering units to the pumps by using 18-inch High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe opposed to steel pipe at a savings of almost half the cost. Within seven days, a Godwin fusion technician completed the set up. Using steel pipe, completion of the intricate set up would have taken a fitter several weeks.

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