Industrial Applications - Monthly Job, January 2004

Job Description:

Godwin Pumps' distributor Northern Underwater Systems Ltd. (NUS) of Alberta, Canada, worked with an Edmonton refinery to move sour water within the facility. Two Godwin HL 160M high head Dri-Prime pumps were employed for this application that required 184 psi (1275 kpa). Flows reached 1,300 gpm (290m/hr) at temperatures of 40 C (100 F) with a pH of 8.6 in this three-month continuous non-stop operation. The HL 160M pumps were specified as diesel units, because electric power was not available on site. Also, the units were equipped with a hospital muffler for sound absorption. A dual fuel and oil filter option was mounted to the skid in order to service the pump while in continuous operation.

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