Construction Applications - Monthly Job, May 2003

Job Description:

This six-inch Godwin Critically Silenced Dri-Prime pump was utilized on a construction site in a northeast city to re-route the storm water sewer flow. The location of the job, adjacent to the city's children's hospital, required a silenced unit. Godwin's six-inch Critically Silenced diesel pump did the job, achieving 67 dBA at 1,800 rpms at 30 feet. The bypass pumping system allowed the contractor to work in dry conditions while installing new fuel tanks on site. A Godwin automatic float control was incorporated into the bypass system to activate the pump during rain events. With cost efficiencies in mind, eight-inch hoses were used in the set up to increase flow capacity to 1,500 gpm. Duration of job was approximately two and a half months.

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