Mining Applications - Monthly Job, June 2006

Job Description:

Traditionally, coal mines used a sump pump system of three or more pumps in series to move water out of the mine, and then another one or two to move water to a discharge point. Now with the development and evolution of Godwin's high head Dri-Prime pump series, two HL160M extreme high head Dri-Prime pumps do the job of four or five sump pumps.

Case in point: The American Coal Company in Galatia, IL rented an HL160M pump with an electric motor and variable frequency drive (VFD) in an emergency to serve as the main sump pump at its New Future Mine. The rental pump moved 1,500 GPM at 520 ft. TDH of mine water laden with coal fines and sand 465 ft. out of the ground and then 3,000 ft. to a frac tank where another diesel HL160M pump moved the product the additional 15,000 ft. to the discharge point. The American Coal Company now owns three HL160M pumps in addition to several other Dri-Prime pumps from Godwin Distributor, Heartland Pump Rental & Sales, Inc. (Carterville, IL).

Says Heartland Pump Engineer, Brad Gould, "We called Godwin in the middle of the night needing a machine to pull a 15 ft. suction lift and pump 1,500 GPM of coal slurry at 520 ft. TDH from an underground mine. The duty point required running the 400 HP electric motor at close to 2,000 RPM, so the pump was paired with a 500 HP variable frequency drive (VFD) to complete the rental package. This solution worked incredibly well."

Developed and supported by people with years of hands-on experience including engineers, skilled road mechanics and applications and quality control specialists, Godwin's HL160M pump is the extreme high head pump-of-choice.

Mining Application Examples