Rolling 412 Pictured

McElroy's 412 line of fusion machines will butt fuse pipe sizes from 4” IPS to 12” DIPS (110mm to 340mm). They come in multiple model configurations to meet the demands of your pipeline project. The Rolling 412 changed the industry when introduced as the first fully self-contained fusion machine in the world. The TracStar 412 added all-terrain mobility to the unit setting a new industry standard.

Rolling, TracStar®, and Pit Bull® machines incorporate the interchangeable 412 4–jaw carriage, which can be easily removed for in–ditch fusion. For tight installations, the outer fixed jaw and skid can be removed from the carriage converting it to a 3–jaw carriage for an even more compact fusion unit. These machines can fabricate segmented ells with optional mitered inserts and are DataLogger® compatible.

Rolling 412

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