The MegaMcTM 1236 and TracStar® 900 machines will butt fuse pipe sizes from 12” IPS to 36” OD (340mm to 900mm). Above ground or in the ditch, these all new machines bring the flexibility of the smaller machines to MegaMc large-diameter fusion. These fusion machines have all the advantages of their predecessors with additional features for in-ditch, close-quarter work.

The carriage has 4–jaws with a removable 3–jaw carriage and is capable of top loading the heater and facer to maximize functionality within limited space.

MegaMcTM 1236

TracStarTM 900

Download MegaMcTM 1236 Spec Sheet
Download TracStar® 900 Series 2 Spec Sheet
Download TracStar® 900 Series 2 Automatic Spec Sheet